We are committed to working in a shared open source way with the cultural sector. As part of this commitment we have gathered here various learning tools that ALAS has developed over the years as free downloadable resources.

You’ll find artist guides, activity packs and safeguarding documents that you are welcome to download and make your own.

These resources are available for artists, scholars, activists and anyone interested in working creatively with their community.



Artist Rider: Helping creative practitioners come up with a process based rider that explains to commissioners how you work.
Framework for a Brief: A series of prompts to help you write an in depth project brief that explains your rationale and amibitions.
Safer Spaces Agreement: Create your own safer spaces policy for any organisation, event or meetup. This has been adopted by orgs across the UK.
Scrolled Life Stories Activity: A creative exercise to help develop a visual narrative of your/someone’s life story.
Pop Up Art Studio: Design your own art studio in a pop up, exploring what are the tools that you need to create well.
Art at Home Pack: A magazine with DIY activities to create at home with everday materials.
100 Stars in the Sky: A self-supporting mentoring tool with 100 tips, or stars, to help artists discuss how they navigate creative projects involving audiences and communities.
Instructions for creating a ‘Care Pledge’. Developed for the Creativity, Care, and the City event of University of the Arts London.
Revoluton Manifesto: An easy to use outline of the things to consider when writing a manifesto, developed originally for Revoluton community leaders.
Creativity and Care Pledge: 10 points to increase our awareness of ourselves and others, building healing, wellbeing and solidarity.  
Social Care Referrals: A list of organisations and charities where participants or collaborators of our projects can receive further support.

TOOLKIT: Created by John Whall for Social ARTery programme helping participatory practice happening both online and in person simultaneously.
Inclusive Commissioning Guidelines: Produced to support organisations to commission artists holistically and thoughtfully