Studio Artists

RM Sánchez-Camus is the founder and director of the studio.

Marcelo’s research and practice unfolds in two strands: participatory governance and cultural democracy. His focus is on working collaboratively with communities, sector support, research and organisational strategy to help improve participatory practice.  He was co-lead and report author an AHRC EDI pilot fellowship producing research findings around inclusive access and arts policy. Marcelo also worked as part of a clinical team at St Christopher’s Hospice, specialising in arts and health. He has created and delivers the Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design Short Course: Health & Wellbeing through Artmaking since 2019. Marcelo has co-founded various mutual aid groups and networks including: Coalition of Creative Artists in New York, Social Art Network in UK, and Social Art International in Berlin.


You can read more about Marcelo’s work on his biography page and website.

Connie Hickman is a Central Saint Martins Fine art student currently working with ALAS as part of her Diploma in Professional Studies.

Although Connie considers herself a multi disciplinary artist, she has been focusing on performance art and continuing her love for drawing. Each medium explores themes around our innate connection to nature. Using organic forms and symbols as a way to express memories and the feelings attached to them. 

Choosing to do the Diploma in Professional Studies has opened Connie’s eyes into the importance  of community work and the role art plays within this field. Her time with ALAS will teach her vital knowledge on the runnings of a small business. 

Ama Ogwo (She/Her) has been handling social media posting and promotion, she was responsible for drafting, arranging and posting the work of collaborating artists, along with sharing and promoting content of collaborating organisations/artists.  

Ama’s practice is concerned with Black Identity, Black individuality and Black experience within a physical and public sphere. The materiality of the work is typically determined by the concepts she is interested in and the research she explores. She uses a range of textile, sculptural and physical processes alongside the use of digital illustration and film. 

Learn more on Ama’s Vimeo and Instagram.

Daisy Brown (She/Her) is a London-based multimedia artist whose practice focuses on walking’s connection to psychogeography, the act of collecting, and ineffectual labour, employing the use of zinc plates, clay impressions, and analogue photography. Daisy values the significance of mundane observations and inefficient actions, relying on storytelling, artefacts, and personal interactions to explore unseen aspects of time.

Her time as an artist and studio assistant in Applied Live Art Studios (ALAS) has focused on a commitment to social engagement and site-responsive work. Daisy has facilitated workshops for several projects within ALAS, including the Westgate Community Takeover, 100 Stars in the Sky and RevoLUTON. Daisy has also worked within Social Art Network, programming national SAN events, liaising with artists and social arts organisations around the UK and assisting in the development of the Axis Web platform Social ARTery. Daisy has also written about her experiences within the university as a low-income student, discussing class and access to arts education, published within Elephant Magazine.

Check out Daisy’s Instagram.