Mission & Values

Our Mission

We believe in great art being made with and for the people who experience it.

We channel others’ creativity into making collective works that are bigger than the sum of its parts and help us create community wellbeing.

We love new places, new people, new risks, new challenges and taking small ideas and timid engagement and making them big, exciting places of inspiring creativity.

We honour people’s lived experiences as expertise and recognise everyone’s abilities as fundamental to the development of good practice and genuine engagement.

We feel thrilled and excited about the unknown, to think creatively beyond the tools at hand, to muster others behind an idea and work through to the end.

We dream of museums with multiple spaces overrun by people, kids, and chaos, yet always holding mediative quiet reflective space as well. We dream of our collective monies for culture redistributed through artists and arts organisations into radical, innovative and generative new forms of cultural production that rewrite who we are, how we live, and what the future is.

We are called to start this process now with two main initiatives: Build a recognised social practice studio that can help artists, communities, and the arts sector flourish, bloom and become; and creat a network of artist and art workers constantly supporting and learning from each other and providing a compass point so we function symbiotically and through mutuality.

Our Values

1. Responsive – We create immersive, site-responsive works of art.

2. Meaningful – We engage in critical and meaningful conversations.

3. Quality – We dream big and aim for the highest quality.

4. Supportive – We engage in active listening & foster good communication.

5. Purposeful – We believe in open processes with a sense of purpose.

6. Sharing – We have a mix of abilities and share these generously.

7. Focused – We provide good planning, clear direction, and focussed attention.