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To view R.M. Sánchez-Camus’ solo work, please visit his website

Care Pledge

A collaboratively developed 10-step care pledge made with staff, researchers and students at University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. The Care Pledge aims to centre care as part of each person’s creative practice no matter what the output, medium or form. Everyone is invited to adopt the pledge.

Social Art Publications

Social Art Publications (SAP) is aan independent volunteer-led publishing house dedicated to developing a portfolio of publications to cultivate, expand and promote knowledge in and about social practice. SAP offers a reduced fee ISBN and media presence. The project was founded in 2019 and has a growing collection.

Stars of Westgate – Gloucester

A community takeover shaped by the stories, experiences and ideas of the people living in Westgate Street. This free street party event included live music, open mic, spoken word, history talks, exhibitions, reminiscing sessions and the unveiling of a large textile artwork with hundreds of stars designed by the local people.

100 Stars in the Sky – online and printed edition

A self-supporting mentoring tool that integrates a mix of philosophy, First Nation wisdom and lived experiences into a collection of 100 tips (or stars) to help artists discuss how they can navigate creative projects involving audiences and communities. The stars act as a shareable resource that helps us care for ourselves and one another, starting as a social media campaign and now printed as a deck of cards.

Pop-Up Art Studio – resource for Whitechapel Gallery

An interactive resource exploring wellbeing, care and artistic practice. This was developed over a series of workshops with artists from Portugal Prints, exploring what a supported studio looks and feels like and considering how we could offer that kind of space to others at the Whitechapel’s A Century of the Artist’s Studio exhibition.

WTF Just Happened?! – touring project

A social practice drawing project that toured the UK in a camper van during 2021. Hundreds of drawings were collected from people all over the country, creating a visual archive of the pandemic period and how it has changed our lives.

Inner Rooms Inner Minds – Museum of London

A social drawing project, offering a glimpse into the challenges and uncertainties that come with managing mental health during Covid-19. Workshops were delivered to a group of Londoners with chronic or long-term mental health needs, exploring how art-making and expressive marking can create a visual narrative and provide a space for care and sharing.

The Bergen Salons – Norway

Three intimate virtual events, that brought the international cultural sector together to explore the big questions of how to support equitable, holistic and sustained community flourishing. The unrecognised role of the artist and questions of how communities, artists and the City can affect change were all raised and discussed.

From Birth till Death: Scrolled Life Stories – Horniman Museum

An immersive installation of giant papyrus scrolls, created by members of St. Christopher’s Hospice, Arts Network, Three Cs, and an Asylum Seekers Hostel. The participants designed a series of symbols to represent their life stories from beginning to end, considering the legacy of their lives and how we retell our own personal mythology.

Woolwich Speaks – Poet in the City Greenwich

A community-led project that celebrated the street life of Woolwich, exploring its past, present and future through public art. Local artists conducted life story interviews with people in the area to create a poetry trail and film that brought together themes of community pride, challenges and activism.

Text Bender – Slough

A text-based installation, created through a series of workshops with Slough residents. Participants were encouraged to share private ideas publicly and write words around social issues and shared community concerns. As a result, hundreds of creative writing pieces were developed and written on the walls of a former department store on the high street.

South London Stories – Festival of Creative Ageing

A film about the boroughs of South London, told from the perspective of its older residents with their memories and stories. The project was developed over 3 months through a series of creative reminiscence workshops, that served as an opportunity to contemplate the changing city, its past and imagined future.

The Print Shop: Rise Up! – Kelburn Castle Garden Party

A touring DIY t-shirt printing space, where the public were invited to create a slogan t-shirt with regards to the climate emergency. Participants were able to turn their anxiety into direct action, articulating personal concerns that are mutually shared amongst the community.

Body Offerings – Welcome Collection

A collaborative piece as part of the Misbehaving Bodies exhibition. Visitors explored and shared their experiences of health and disease though writing and drawing on custom-designed body parts.

The Print Shop: Rise Up! – Freedom Festival Hull

A T-Shirt intervention project that looks at clothing as a medium for personal and political expression. The public were invited to create their own t-shirt slogans and also wear them, considering the discursive arena that comes with what we dress.

Glimmer & The Goddess – St. Christopher’s Hospice

A large-scale public performance piece, created with community members, hospice patients, bereaved families and primary school children. The storyline focused on a folk song about journeys to the unknown, with a collectively-made felt mantle and mask head being displayed.

Kite Symphony – Newmarket

An arts and sports collaborative project, where local artists and community members worked on designing, making and decorating large-scale fabric kites. These were then put into action at specialised flying workshops.

Seek Courage – Ashford

A multiple-location social intervention work, looking at the theme of courage. Five site-specific pieces, including puppetry, aerialists, choir, skateboarding and sound installation, unfolded amongst a wandering public.

For Reasons Unknown – Barking Library

A workshop series where individuals without artistic training came weekly to explore text through creative writing, spoken word and performance. This culminated in a site-specific intervention that involved audience participation, the selection of books and group reading exercises.

Heath Spark – Heath Park Housing Estate Dagenham

An exhibition and outdoor performance that was brought together after a 6-month residency in the borough. Through parkour, free running, song, drumming and fire, the project investigated our attachment to place and our longing to escape.