Applied Live Art
A Social Practice Studio 
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Elan Calls
A Creative Companion Guide to Elan Valley, Wales
Facing Death Creatively
Live talk delivered on BBC Radio 4's Four Thought
The Print Shop: Rise Up! Kelburn
Pop-up shop exploring eco-anxiety through slogans for t-shirts across Kelburn Garden Party
Social Art Network
Creation of a network and festival gathering for social, public, collaborative, and participatory artists
The Print Shop: Rise Up! Hull
Pop-up shop making slogans for t-shirts and placards across Freedom Festival
Glimmer & The Goddess
Animism explored through Horniman Museum and patients in palliative care
Newmarket Kite Symphony
Custom Kites, music and technology merge on the fields of Suffolk
Pegasus & The Circle of Life
Created with hospice patients, families, carers and staff for London's New Years Parade
Rachel's Tomb Mural
Designed and painted with local Palestinians on the apartheid wall in Bethlehem
Designs in the Sky
Co-designed banners with local residents of Witton, Birmingham
The Secret Garden
Community garden co-design project in NYC's Lower East Side.
Seek Courage
Street interventions about courage in Ashford, Kent
Heath Spark
Neighbourhood Residency at Heath Park Estate in Dagenham, Essex
At the Crossroads with Vincent
Audio walk inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's time in London and mental health
El Ensueño del Dorado
Contemporary circus celebrating Colombian culture
Trial of the Mariner
Immersive theatre about future dystopia caused by plastic in the ocean
Triangulated City
Site-specific performance, exploring memory in Beirut, Lebanon
Napoli Scorticata
Immersive theatre production about Neapolitan folklore and myth
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