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In 2016 artists Eelyn Lee and R.M. Sánchez-Camus co-founded Social Art Network (SAN), a UK based community of artists committed to building agency for the field of art and social practice.

SAN grew out of the Collaborative Arts Peer Forum, a group of twelve artists with socially engaged practices who met regularly at Peckham Platform to test the benefits of peer-to-peer support. Convened by artist and filmmaker Eelyn Lee with support from Artquest and Peckham Platform the group shared practice and identified four key factors needed to support artists and strengthen the field:

  • A platform to showcase and discuss current work

  • Expanded critical and reflective dialogue around the work

  • A national network of artists to strengthen peer support and artists’ development

  • A database of current, past and historic projects

SOCIAL ART SUMMIT, 2018 In November 2018 Eelyn Lee, R.M. Sánchez-Camus alongside Ian Nesbitt (SAN) will convene the Social Art Summit, an artist-led review of socially engaged arts practice in the UK, taking place over two days in sites across Sheffield. By convening practitioners from around the country to share practice and discuss ideas, the Summit will explore what it means to be making art through social engagement right now.

Through the Social Art Summit SAN will build it’s network of artists and test ideas for the first ever Social Art Biennale to be held in changing locations from 2020.