Lectures & Conferences

Sheroes Activist Art Forum. London Festival of Ideas (2021)

The Bergen Salons. Bergen Kommune (2021)

Facing Death Creatively. BBC Radio 4 Four Thought (2019)

Facing Death Creatively. European University At St Petersburg (2019)

Truth-Dare-Art Social Practice Forum. Chapel Arts Studios (2019)

Do you want to come outside and play? Outdoor Arts Festival Seminar – Freedom Festival, XTRAX and Creative ENRG (2018)

The Power of Collectivity in the Arts. Social Art Summit, Key Presentation, Site Gallery (2018)

When Art Sparks – Presentation at Migration Lab: Art On The Front Line, Art/Migration/Refugees. Counterpoint Arts, Dublin, Ireland (2016)

R.M. Sánchez-Camus: Challenges of Socially Engaged Practice. ArtQuest (2016)

Michelle Baharier, R. M. Sánchez-Camus and Rachel Anderson ‘On Our Way Here.’ Artangel (2014)

Shared voices in Collaborative Practice – Presentation for Being Seen Being Heard, Chelsea Theatre Sacred Festival (2011)

Co-authorship & Applied Live Art – Paper presentation for Authoring Theatre, Central School for Speech and Drama (2011)

When Place Haunts Space – Paper presentation Theatre and Ghosts Conference, University of York (2011)

The Capital of Time: Heidegger and Dogen on presence – Keynote Speech for Journeys Across Media Time Conference, Reading University (2011)

Naples Flayed, Revealing the Layers in Performance and Community, Paper presentation Contemporary Italian Theatre Conference, Italian Institute of Culture, University of Central London (2009)

Aesthetics and Applied Live Art, Paper presentation Theatre and Performance Research Association, Leeds University (2008)

Assumed Identities, Invented History. Invented Histories, Assumed Identity. Workshop Presentation Objects of Engagement Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London (2008)