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Centro Cultural San Jose
El Tiempo Indómito, Santiago de Chile

Co-Producer, Co-Director and Production Management of site-specific promenade event based in the wings of an abandoned 18th century colonial hospital.

Developed in collaboration with Universidad La República and CECV this piece took place on the grounds of a semi-abandoned 19th Century leprosy hospital.

With a production cast of over 40 actors, musicians, acrobats, gymnasts, and artists. The piece enveloped an area containing 28 performance stations in 3 buildings, 2 gardens, a dirt field and a chapel.

Inspired by the history of the hospital, of Chile and borrowing traditions of Folkloric Theatre, the story narrated the journey of a group of wandering gypsy souls in search of a home. Based on Marquez’s 100 years of Solitude and the history of the site and Chile. Presented in 2006

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